A message for all Martial Artists around the world

We’re getting started and at this moment, our team is a quite small – just a few Dojo editors, mostly volunteers, including me. We’re adding all Dojos manually, because we want to be sure that each Dojo really exists and that all the contact information are valid and up to date. All this is, as you may imagine, very time consuming process and that’s where you can help us. I’d like to encourage all Martial Artists out there, please, add your Dojo and help us to build the database of all quality Martial Arts Dojos from around the world.

Dojo owners

If you own Martial Arts Dojo or know about Dojo which is not on LocalDojo yet and think that it’s worth it and should be listed on LocalDojo, please:

Martial Arts organisations

We are able to add a multiple Dojos at once as a free service for any solid Martial Arts organisation. If you’re interested in adding more Dojos in a bulk and already have your existing database of Dojos:

  • please contact me directly, to arrange the details. After the import, each Dojo owner can unlock their Dojo page and take a full control over their Dojo page, it’s very simple and straightforward process with zero effort from your side.

Martial Arts practitioners

Last but not least, if you practice any Martial Arts, you can help others by:

  • writing a review(s) for Dojos you already visited, so others can see if a Dojo match their needs at a first glance.
  • even if you’re not a Dojo manager, you can suggest any missing Dojo you think is worth to be listed on LocalDojo.

Of course on top of that, you can:

  • create your own profile page with a small photo and tell others your story, what Martial Art do you practice and where. This profile page may come in handy when you’ll meet somebody you do not know yet on tatami and will want to keep in touch, just tell her/him your nickname on LocalDojo and s/he can search for you (searching between people will be available soon).
  • Create private lists of Dojos you know or plant to visit.

If you have any questions, write a comment right here below this article or contact me directly on my email: jan@localdojo.com.


Jan has been practicing Aikido and occasionally Iaido. He is also a founder and co-creator of LocalDojo.com, where he tries to help others looking for Martial Arts Dojos, from all parts of the world.

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