Today, we launched

First public beta version of has been launched. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the whole LocalDojo team and to all user testing participants for their time and patience during the development. 

Trailer video

Here is a short video trailer I made for a website launch. I decided to left out all footage from the LocalDojo itself and focus primarily on our motivation behind LocalDojo.

So what “Public Beta” means?

I marked this milestone as a “Public Beta”, because despite all imperfections and occasional bugs, LocalDojo is already working good enough to start fulfilling its main purpose: to help to find the nearest Martial Arts Dojo, wherever you are. Yes, the overall user experience with the website is still far from the perfect, but I decided to release everything now as it is and polish and improve later, with a real users and more data.

What next?

From a technical point of view, we’re now going to focus mainly on debugging and overall improvements of everything what already exists.

The biggest task now is adding a new Dojos. Please read our message for all Martial Artists around the world and help us to create a the best quality Martial Arts Dojos directory on the world.

Have any questions?

Take a look in FAQ or write a comment right here below this article or contact me directly on my email: with any questions or suggestions you might have. And do not forget, this is just a start!


Jan has been practicing Aikido and occasionally Iaido. He is also a founder and co-creator of, where he tries to help others looking for Martial Arts Dojos, from all parts of the world.

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